June 07 2015 Sunday at 09:06 PM

Eau De Caron for Women - A rare jewel of the 1980s

Eau de Caron was launched in 1980. The perfume was developed by perfumer Gerard Lefort . The bottle is designed by Federico Restrepo .

Top notes: mandarin, lemon, clary sage, aldehydes, bergamot and basil. Heart: jasmine, carnation, orange blossom, orchid, thyme and cedar. Base: oak moss, patchouli, benzoin, myrrh, leather, amber and vanilla.

Ea de Caron is not at all overly sweet. It has a lemon pastry creaminess with elements of the mossy chypre base are apparent from the start, and lend a rich backdrop to the citrus opening. The citrus notes last well into the dry down, and then are gradually replaced by the well-blended floral heart notes. The far dry down is soft woods, green mosses, musk, and a hint of patchouli. You can purchase this product on my store at this link.

This is a rare perfume and you can check the internet yourself and see that there are very few remaining bottles. I have few for the time being. This is a very nice fragrance and one soon to disappear forever. If you are a vintage collector of rare perfumes, then this one is indeed rare and in my opinion quite beautiful in a humble and understated way.