July 01 2013 Monday at 08:43 PM

Vintage Chanel 19 – How a perfume can change over time

My Perspective on Vintage Chanel 19 Through Time

The vintage Chanel 19 was changed in 1979 due to the  Iranian Revolution, which broke out in 1979.   When the vintage Chanel 19 was originally created in 1971, it was formulated with an excellent grade of Iranian galbanum oil, which was bought especially for it.  When the Revolution broke out in 1979, the oil became unavailable.   Vintage Chanel  19 had to be reformulated, which was accomplished with much difficulty, because the original galbanum oil was of a particularly fine, rare caliber.   With much effort the reformulation was on par with the original and retained the vintage fragrance and the post 1979 version is still considered “vintage” by many as it retained all its essential qualities and fragrance that made it such a magnificent perfume.

In the newest versions synthetic musk replaces extracts from the glands of animals such as civet and deer, which was responsible for its aphrodisiac like qualities.     Prior to the latest reformulation Chanel 19  had a much brighter floral heart and now it appears to be covered by a vetivery/grassy note, which over powers the whole  development of the fragrance in my opinion.

The new version  lacks leather in the base, and is possibly more rose,  less muguet in the heart of it.   Although still pleasant, Chanel No. 19 has changed substantially in my opinion and for me at least not for the better.  I don’t mean to sound like a perfume snob but I know what I like and the vintage versions of Chanel are definitely more to my liking.     Rather than the original passionate vetiver and leathery subtle notes subdued by iris of the vintage Chanel No. 19,  the new composition wanders before fading into the somewhat attenuated vetiver and musk base.  I much prefer the vintage  formulations.

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