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Hi! My name is Lynda Valliche, I started Business when I was 18 years old.  I started out in sales and then moved into importing/exporting different products that included rare and discontinued perfume and cosmetics . Wholesale and then retail. I opened my first Kiosk in Honolulu with money partners in the busiest part of Waikiki. Soon I opened two others,one in the Dole Cannery shopping mall and the other in Ala Moana shopping Mall. I had an office in Kahala where I conducted all of my wholesale business, which then turned into a rare perfume and discontinued cosmetics haven for Japanese customers. My little office had to be expanded three times as the Japanese found my place to be an interesting place to visit when coming to Honolulu.  They even created a game in which they had to locate certain places and buy a certain item from each place and the person who found the places and bought the items would win a prize.

Japan made my store in Kahala very famous. It brought television and magazines to do very interesting things which then created a reason for the Japanese to want to come in and see my place. The Japanese also created a market within the local people as they were asked how to find me and then was discovered by many locals. I opened the store in 1992 and closed it in 2005. New landlords and new adventures were chosen to move to Los Angeles.  I opened my store in Ebay in 2001. Really had no time to do much with it until 2005 when I moved to Los Angeles.  I have a lot of experience buying and selling rare perfumes and discontinued cosmetics. Always choosing to give my customers the kind of service I choose to receive.  Service is not always a great experience. I choose to make it a fantastic experience for my customers.  Communication is very important and questions are always welcomed here.

My store name on ebay is Valliche's Perfume Cosmetic Outlet.  I have chosen to open up my own online store to be able to provide cheaper shipping and to provide better customer service.


Much Aloha, Lynda

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