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Star Wars Battle For The Golden Sun


Star Wars - Battle for the Golden Sun, An Adventure for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Includes a loose 4-page insert: Star Wars, The Roleplaying Game, Rules Update, c1988 Published by West End Games, c1988, 40 pages From the back cover: (complete) Booklet includes: An exciting script with parts for every player that immediately thrusts their characters into the thick of the action. A full-color, poster-sized map of the Imperial Lambda-class shuttle [MISSING] Detailed descriptions and maps of an underwater village and the mysterious Sun Caves of Sedri Background information on a new race of sea dwellers from the planet Sedri. A pullout section full of colorful non-player character templates for an added dimension in roleplaying excitement. [Colorful templates missing, pullout section intact] Also includes: A poster-size, full-color map of an Imperial Sea Garrison -- A complete base with descriptions of important areas, special equipment, and undersea stormtroopers. [Missing] Extensive guidelines to help gamemasters make their adventures fast-moving, challenging, and fun. Rare book is in NEW condition. On a scale of 1-10, this is a 10

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